Our Fear Free Services

Our Fear-Free Services

Here at Murrysville Veterinary Associates, we strive to deliver a Fear-Free experience for you and your pet. To learn more about the differences a Fear-Free practices makes, click here.
Fear Free Certified Professionals

Medical Services

Our Fear-Free medical services include internal medicine, ophthalmology, neurology, cardiology, oncology, and dermatology.
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Wellness Care

Wellness exams cover everything from physical examinations, vaccinations, microchips, bloodwork, and parasite prevention.
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Soft Tissue Surgery

We are dedicated to ensuring that your pet has the best possible procedure, recovery, and outcome with our newly constructed surgical suite.
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Reproductive Care

Is your furry family expanding? We offer breeding management services to pet owners who want to breed their pets responsibly.
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In-Hospital Pharmacy

Our on-site pharmacy is available to provide a wide range of medications for your pet.
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Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine

This holistic approach is used in conjunction with Western Veterinary Medicine to assess the wellbeing of the whole patient.
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End-of-Life Care

We provide counseling on the options you have when your pet’s needs transition from cure to comfort.
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Emergency Care

We provide immediate emergency care during our business hours and work with local 24/7 emergency vet centers.
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Diagnostic Care

Receive quick and accurate diagnostics for your pet with our state-of-the-art equipment and fear-free environment.
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Dental Care

We provide dental care including repairing, extracting, cleaning, and more.
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